Rhiannon Kessala Tsumarin (rhiannons_ekele) wrote in ap_danceparty,
Rhiannon Kessala Tsumarin


Yay for schedules! Not yay for 4th period study hall. Really wanted it to be during 2nd period so I could sneak into Philosophy. *sigh*

01 - AP Gov't/Econ
02 - Brit Lit
04 - Study Hall with Liu
05 - Calculus
06 - Physics
07 - Theatreness
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be sure to check in with liu every day. i wound up with like nine absences the third nine weeks last year because "just assume i'm in the creative writing wing" was a dumb thing to say.

also-- w00t on doubling up on english.
p.s. upon further examination, it turns out that you are not doubling up on english. i rescind my w00t.